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MSM-Human Grade

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    UPDATE ON OUR MSM: The U.S. Company we were buying our MSM from sold out to another company and the product has become both very expensive, hard to get, and difficult to deal with the new company. Because of that we have been forced to find a new source of MSM and fortunately we were able to find some but it is currently sourced from China. Since we started our company we were very happy to be able to buy MSM from the company that originally made MSM so we were confident in its purity. This new company is just that, new to us so we will be watching the quality very closely while still looking for another U.S. company to buy msm from, if one exists. Though it is sourced from out of country, it is at least a less expensive product so we have reduced the price. 

    MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is:

    • a natural form of sulfur
    • excellent anti-inflammatory and joint support supplement which also helps the body absorb nutrients. helps prevents damage to joints 

    This is the only supplement I take and use on my animals that is a processed  chemical simply because there is no way to get an adequate amount in our diets. I only carry the highest quality available human grade MSM, which is more expensive than animal grade but also more potent! We use no fillers in our MSM to prevent clumping to offer you the most potent product possible.

    Getting the Most out of MSM

    There is unfortunately no easy answers to dosing MSM, if you want to get the most bang for your buck. MSM is sulfur and sulfur is needed for the building blocks of the body. Because of current growing practices, often the body is very lacking in sulfur, which not only impairs the immune system but also the body’s ability to heal itself. Because of how varying each body is, and varying diets, it can be challenging to get the right amount of MSM into the body. This is why we do not add MSM to our joint mixes. Though even a small amount of MSM is beneficial, it is best to find what the right amount is for the individual. So the following is an outline on the best way to use MSM.

    MSM should be dosed by itself whenever possible. I don’t mean by this that it cant be fed in a meal, but it should not come in a “blend”. So lets take an average 1000lb horse for example. If a horse has chronic diarrhea then this is probably not the best route to take as MSM can cause loose stool.

    Start at 1 tablespoon twice a day for several days. If it does not cause any loosening of the stool, then increase by 1 tablespoon a day (total 3 tablespoons a day) for several days. Still no loose stool?.. increase by 1 tablespoon a day (so you should now be up to 4 tablespoons a day.) At 4 tablespoons a day most horses at an average of 1000lbs weight should see a bit of loosening of the stool. As long as the stool is not super loose (still in ball form) you have reached a good level of MSM. If the stool becomes very loose, then back down a level. Stay at this level until stool changes as it may do so in the future. If it does loosen up reduce dosage by one level.

    It is very normal for MSM levels to need to be changed through the year as activity and nutritional levels change.

    I understand that for many people this seems like a huge hassle for using MSM. I get it, we are all busy. This is simply an outline on how to get the MOST benefit out of your MSM. Make the best choice based on your situation.

    Measurement for our current batch of MSM is 2.5 cups (or about 40 tablespoons) This can change slightly per batch. 

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