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I fell in love with my first horse when I was six. It wasn’t my horse, it belonged to the neighbor. I vaguely remember being on a pony on one of those pony rides at a fair. It didn’t make much of an impression, however this horse did and it started a lifelong love I just couldn’t escape from.

The horse’s name was Bandit and he was an off the track Thoroughbred. He was the balm for a lonely little girl’s broken heart. My parents had died in a car accident that year and I was sent to live with relatives who were complete strangers. My relatives did not know how to deal with a grieving child and I was quite often left to my own devices. We lived on a very long dead end country road and I wandered down towards Bandit’s house one sunny day. Bandit stuck his head over the fence and gently nudged me and just as gently took some grass and dandelions out of my hands. That was it for me. That big horse caught my heart. Sadly his owners didn’t keep him long, and I still miss him to this day.

Over the years I had run ins with horses… trail rides, a short time when I owned a very stubborn pony mare, but not what you would call “horse ownership”. As I married a military man, I didn’t ever have the expectation of owning my own horse, but that love just never went away.

In came the teenagers! Our oldest daughter was interested in riding lessons, and we managed to make room in our budget for them. I never thought about taking lessons myself. You know how moms are, we do things for our kids we would never do for ourselves. But I found a website called “Dreamhorse” and I spent hours just looking at horses and dreaming. Until that one fateful day, when my husband was walking by and I said “Ohhh look how gorgeous he is!” and my husband said “So let’s get it!” The beginning of the end.

So here I am a bunch of years later. That first gorgeous horse turned out to be not so appropriate for my skill level and I later rehomed him, but I sure did learn a lot from him! After him came an appaloosa gelding that I took on as a rescue horse, and then Gideon (read his story here), then a bunch of rescue horses I worked with, my lesson horse Senti, my heartbreaker Glory, and most recently Dotty (my first auction horse!)

Through the years I have learned about training, farrier work, body work, giving lessons, nutrition and running a boarding stable. I have become a “Jill of all Trades” in the horse world and I love every aspect of it! (Even cleaning stalls!) But the one thing that has stuck out the most, that I am the most passionate about, is giving a horse the best feed possible! This doesn’t mean 100% organic, (though that would be nice… just unrealistic), and it doesn’t mean the most expensive, but it means a realistic, affordable, healthy diet rather than a prepackaged “complete” (IE what I consider lazy) feed that is supposed to give us all the perfect horse - and yet falls through every time.

You may be wondering, with all the things I have dipped my toe into, why is nutrition my focus? Gideon is the one who started that process. After flailing around with feeds with my two previous horses, Gideon (and his illness, EPSM –“Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy”) was the one who made me really stop and look what we put into our horses, and not just trust the shiny bag with the “we so love your animals” commercials. As a child I got a tiny bit of education into herbs and supplements. As an adult I got a tiny bit more. But as a horse owner with a very sick horse whose entire life was diet dependent? Yup, I dug and learned and am STILL learning!

Wild Horse Products started as nothing more than other people seeing the success I was having with my own horses and asking me to help them with theirs. I now help people all across the US, and have given advice to people in other countries as well. My goal? To be a household name! Not so I can make it big, but so that I can help as many people, and their horses, as I possibly can. Just like I fell in love with my first horse, and it never went away, so I have fallen in love with helping other horse owners have happier and healthier horses.