Wild Horse Diet

Wholesomely whole foods.

In today's world there is a veritable plethora of "complete" feeds available on the market.They promise to fulfill all of your horse's nutritional desires at a variety of prices. These "complete feeds" are intended to give horse owners an easy out where nutrition is concerned. My goal is to get the horse owner back to being involved in their horse's diets. For the stabled horse this is especially challenging as there is often no choice to free graze and an increasing larger number of horses are not able to graze due to health constraints. My horse Gideon was just such a horse. With his metabolic disorder, EPSM (equine polysaccharide storage myopathy) his diet had to be kept under tight control much like a child with diabetes. In learning how to care for Gideon's health challenges, I have discovered that the diet he survived on is of great benefit to ALL horses. Controlled carbohydrates and controlled sugars, simple balanced ingredients, and a whole foods approach to foods rather than reaching for "complete" feeds is the way to the healthiest of equine friends. This website is dedicated to helping you, the horse owner, learn how to bring your horse to the healthiest horse they can be. CLICK HERE FOR SOME BASIC DIET OUTLINES



In our world of chemically laden bagged feeds, we forget that weight is not an indicator of the health of our horses (or dogs). Weight is simply a symptom of calories ingested verses calories used. We in the pet world often think a fat horse is a healthy horse. If this were true, then every overweight person in a fast food restaurant would be considered healthy too!

Even at a "healthy" weight, a horse may be mineral or vitamin depleted. Sadly the consequences of these depletions may not show up for possibly many years in the form of arthritis, weak bones, lowered immune system and overall ill health. It is our duty as animal owners to take a proactive approach to animal care, much like it is with our own care, in order to have healthy, happy and long lives. READ ABOUT OUR BASIC DIET OUTLINE HERE


This is our premise for "Wild Horse", taking your horses as close to nature in their diets as is possible in a stabled and captive environment. This requires some education, and a more "whole foods" approach to our horses' diets.