Terms and Conditions

By purchasing our products you agree that Wild Horse Products will not be held liable for any adverse reactions your horse, dog, or other animal may have due to known or unknown allergies, or diagnosed or undiagnosed medical conditions. Wild Horse Products will also no be held responsible for any situations that may occur as a result of our products not being used exactly as directed. Employees of Wild Horse Products do not claim to be veterinarians, nutritionist or certified herbalists. Our information is gleaned from books, websites, personal usage and years of private study. Information on herbs is not to be considered complete or all encompassing as there is simply too much information and too many variables to be all inclusive. Customers should do their own study and IF IN DOUBT, LEAVE IT OUT!

Always keep a close eye on your animal when you introduce new foods into their diet. If you suspect your animal may be having a reaction, allergic or otherwise, remove their feed and contact your veterinarian immediately.