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From Ashley Miller...                 submitted Dec. 1, 2015

"I was introduced to your products though a lady that does holistic horse care that I have been working with for years. She turned me to your sight a year ago...."

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From Pamela Pothetes 

"Blue Jay's Amazing Recovery!"

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This is one of my own testimonials, because its always a wonderful surprise to see a horse turn around and become something completely different just by a change of diet and the addition of healthy herbs and fats. This is a picture of Memory. When I met Memory a year and a half ago she was on a diet of orchard pellets, alfalfa pellets and a whole bunch of beet pulp. Memory cannot eat hay because of lack of teeth.

Memory had no top line, her spine was protruding. The top part of her ribs were showing and she was perhaps a generous 3 on the Henneke Body Scale. Not horrible weight wise but not good either. Her coat was very dull, greasy and coarse. Her eyes were runny, she had a chronic cough and she had zero energy. When you put her out in the arena for a run, she would just stand there. Her eyes lacked life. People even started saying they thought she was about to die.

Today Memory gives walk/trot lessons to little kids (and a few lighter weight adults) and when you put her in the arena she will kick up her heals a bit. Her weight is great, and her coat is shiny. Her eyes are no longer runny and the cough is gone. She is now a generous 5 on the Henneke scale and Ive cut back her calories a bit.

Memory shows the power in a change of diet. Its taken a year and a half to get her this far, and I am finally satisfied with how far she has come. She will never be a 5 year old again, but people are now amazed when I tell them how old she is.

Memory was born in 1986 and is now 30!

"I have to share! My gelding Clyde went from a feed bill of $150 a month for just supplements and grain. He had chronic diarrhea, his stall no matter how it was done was always soaked, he had bad gas, and always seemed like he had some kind of tummy and hoof problems! I switched him from Strategy Healthy Edge with a bunch of supplements to 1 cup of rice bran, 2 lbs alfalfa pellets, sea kelp, msm, Raspberry leaf, tummy b calm, Diatemacous earth, flax seed, and cool stance. He now drinks a normal amount of water, has almost no gas, firmer poop, way spunkier, and just overall better health. He has only been on it for about 2 weeks and I am blown away! My normal slow grumbly draft actually has some spunk and get up and go. His feet are actually growing out there isn't a ton of difference yet in his feet but you can see where they are growing out better. I am so thankful to have met Jody Webb. I thought I knew some about horse nutrition but wow you can never stop learning! She taught me a lot and it shows. I think every horse should be on a similar diet it is amazing to see the transformation in him. I just had to share. Also Jody Gives lessons for Western Dressage and they are awesome as well. The first one all we did was work on the walk and my horse Echo was sweating and using muscles she never knew she had, I highly recommend her for lessons or for horse feed help!!Oh and the cost of my feed now including his hay is at $178 per month! With hay before it was almost $250 each month!He also gets a bit of cinnamon to his grain to help with sugar and insulin resistance!"

2/2012 Shauna Weiss-Dragonfly Tack and Training

This is Soli a 25 year old mare. She was on my "diet plan" from February to April 2012. I was told by someone "I've known this horse for 8 years! You will NEVER get weigh on her!"... In just two short months she had already gained about 100 pounds (could use another 100 or so), has more energy (she wouldn't do more than walk before), has much better coat condition (shedding out nicely and you can see the shine whereas before her coat was VERY dull), and is not as grouchy about being groomed (i.e. in less pain) The last I heard, that same person said "Wow that horse looks completely different!" ....I'd like to take a wee moment now to be smug...okay I'm done =D

July 2011 -

I have a 24 yr old arthritic mare who also has ulcers. I put her on MSM and raspberry leaf. After a week on MSM we noticed a difference in her movement for the better. Now after months of being on MSM she is moving great! Since she has been on the raspberry leaf we have not seen any sign of her ulcers flaring up. We also have our 6 yr. old gelding on Raspberry leaf and it has a calming effect on him and he is not as nervous as he used to be.

Dave T.


Honor Before

Very difficult to keep weight on Quarter Horse (Yes I know, he looks like a TB huh?) After herbal sampling him and putting him on the Wild Horse diet, he is now holding weight and doing beautifully!

Owner Alexa Cook

bare foot trimmer

Rainier Oregon

Some things are just better said with pictures. . . .




Honor After

ADAGIO Where to start is the hardest part of this thank you ... is it a thank you for introducting me to Coolstance; teaching me about herbs; the hours you spent coming up with individual feed plans for my specific individual horses and dog needs; the time you've spent educating me on the value of "whole food" supplimentation; or the money I've saved; or is it the results of all the above resulting in a herd of beautiful, shiny, healthy horses running through the fields and dogs that have coats that have never felt so plush....

I have, for the most part of my "horse life", fed a natural diet, stayed away from sweet feeds, went organic when possible, etc.  Accidentally coming across your path I learned of a product you sold "CoolStance".  My initial thought was oh great, another "wonderful" product, yet something felt different as you explained all its fabulous benefits (technical, yet understandable).  I decided to try a bag.  Within a week I could visually SEE a difference in all 5 of my horses.  Thinking about how happy I was to have learned of this product, I had remembered you seeming to be also somewhat of an "herb expert" and I thought I might pick your brain on an ongoing issue my colt had ... which I raised from birth.  Of course I have heard of feeding herbs before, but that always seemed over the top to me .. that is until I met you.  Within only a couple minutes you made more sense to me than anyone else has.  After seeing my colt, you felt my boy, Ari, was a bit toxic and had mineral overload.  With a very simple and inexpensive plan starting with a short 4-day herbal worming and a few weeks of detox, in less than a month I now have this beautiful vibrant shiny horse that is now everything I knew he could be but was unable to get on my own (or with the help of vets, and other professionals).  The recipes you made up for my colt has completely turned this little guy around. I had tried detoxing before, but this had dramatically different results.  I now use the herbs on all my horses and they've never looked this good.  Yes it does take a bit more time to prepare, but I feel so good knowing they are now getting whole foods to supplement their diet.  I cannot thank you enough Jody for all the time and energy you have spent putting together a plan for my horses as well as my dogs.  I've never seen such shiny and vibrant animals, in fact I am constantly getting compliments and being asked what I've been doing differently.  The difference is due to you Jody and I can not thank you enough.  

Sandy 4/2012


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