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Blue Jay's Amazing Recovery!

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July 2014 – DIAGNOSIS - Weight loss of 50 to 75 lbs. Stroke affecting taste, possible memory loss. Unresponsive and lethargic. Blood tests poor, showing signs of liver failure, poor kidney function and high toxicity throughout the body. Will not eat or drink. Syringe fed three times daily for almost 30 days. Severe tail loss. Will lose most of his mane within two weeks of this picture. Forelock down to wisps and 1” of length. Overall coat: Coat and skin condition poor and dull.



November 2014 – UPDATE: Up to weight; Full recovery and appetite. Full, thick tail, mane growth is 2” Feet hard and 1/2” of new growth. Forelock filling out and new growth of 3” (below the eyes) and skin condition is soft, thick and moist, no dry skin. Attentive, bright and playful. Blood tests normal, liver/kidney function good and appetite back to normal.


This is my 31 year old AMHA horse named Blue Jay. In July of 2014 he suffered what the vet believes was a mild to med stroke affecting his taste and appetite. Being 31 he went down hill very quickly and within one week had lost almost 35 to 40 lbs. which for a mini who’s standard body weight is 200 to 225 this was devastating.

I put my Magic Bullet to work and began to liquefy orchard grass pellets, vet obtained pro & pre biotic powder, rice bran, vitamins/minerals and peppermint oil in hopes of stimulating eating. I made and fed, via a large syringe, about 2 cups of this mixture 3 times per day. After 3 weeks of this and trying to get him to eat anything on his own (which he would not) the blood tests were still bleak.

By the fourth week I was worn out and facing a very difficult decision, this is when I called on Jody Webb (Wild Horse Products). I had used her herbal wormer on all my horses for years with great success and was now ready to jump in with both legs to not only see if we could save my precious old man but help get the rest of my horses on the road to health and wellness. Jody came out on a Saturday to test my entire crew and promised to have Blue Jay eating on his own before she left. Of course I being on my last thread did not believe this and I had already prepared myself that if I could not get him eating by Monday that I would have him put down to end both our suffering.

Well, I am here to say that Jody tested him that Saturday, gave me all the herbs he had chosen and before she left we made up a batch of soaked pellets with only his chosen herbs and a little salt mixed in and with amazement, I watch him eat on his own for the first time in over 4 weeks. Since that day I have not looked back, Blue Jay has made a full recovery and as for everyone else I can say that all the issues my other minis and pony were having have gone. Coat and hair condition as well as color is amazing, energy levels and vitality have increased and my feed bills have dropped. Feeding is simple and I feel so good about the decision to change to a herbal diet plan that I will never go back to commercial horse feeds or supplements again.


Current Diet for all my horses is: Orchard grass pellets <Soaked>Rice bran and Iron Horse, their herbal choices, Salt, grass hay in slow feed hay bags.


Pamela Pothetes

Crown Jewel Training & The Small Hoof Society


UPDATE on Blue Jay by Jody

More than a year later (October 3rd 2015) I went back to do an herbal sampling on Blue Jay. He looks a bit older and has slowed down a bit from the last time I saw him, but he is still looking good and going strong!

Another UPDATE!

Blue Jay age THIRTY FIVE!! It just makes my heart burst with happy knowing I got to have a small part in stretching out his senior years. Here's to you Pam for being such an awesome horse mommy!!