Cisco and Sven Wild Horse Diet

NEW as of July 2022 

Cisco (age 20) and Sven (age 2) Mini Geldings


Cisco and Sven came to me very toxic and in need of a long term detox. Both have digestive issues though you can see from Cisco's big belly that he has advanced digestive issues plus very out of shape. He is a bit of a grumpy old man but very sweet and wants lots of pets and attention. Sven is the boss of the two and is full of spunk but also a very sweet little guy. He is going to be trained as a cart horse. Both are very nutritionally deficient, and are happily eating their new herbal blends without issues. They are housed right in between all of the mares and are getting along just fine. 

DIET- shared and fed twice daily

  • Teff Pellets 2 cups (dry measure)
  • Rice Bran Pellets 1 cup
  • Coolstance 1/2 cup
  • Rotation Cushings Calm and Sugar Down to help rebalance their bodies...thought surprisingly they have very little cresty neck. 1 tbs
  • Cootie Kicker Both are very toxic so doing a much longer detox than normal. We are on week 2 and both are looking a bit cleaner but we still have at least 2 weeks to go 1 tbs
  • Tummy B Calm 1 tbs As Cisco has advanced digestive issues, the boys are on a higher amount until symptoms reduce.
  • Worm Gone Max 4-5 days per month 1/4 cup (so 2 tbs each about)
  • Nutritional Yeast 1 tbs
  • Kelp 1 tbs
  • Redmond rock salt 2-4 tsp depending on weather