Taffy's Wild Horse Diet



Taffy is a “21 year old mini Mare who is losing her eyesight due to Uveitis.  Her and her baby, Kaia, came to us One vet has guessed that she has lost about 65% of her eyesight due to scar tissue on her eyes from the disease. Though eye herbs have helped her to some degree, this is a progressive disease and most horses because fully blind with some horses having to have their eyes removed due to eye pain. We are attempting different remedies to support (hopefully improve) and extend her eyesight as far into her old age as possible. We have noticed improvements using our Eye Boost blend, but I am also experimenting with Jaiogulan, and Caster Oil treatments. The Jaiogulan is new to me, as it used to be a very expensive herb but has come down in price as it becomes more popular and more available on the market. It is a very good anti inflammatory and I happened on an article about using it with chronicly laminitic horses (like Nina), so decided to try it with Taffyon her eyes. So far I have been happy with the results in both cases. Taffy had a flare up lately with her eyes showing yellow and more head shyness than normal but after adjusting her diet and time outside (as it can be triggered by bright light) she is showing signs of recovery. Her eyes look less swollen and less yellow and less dull from lack of circulation. This disease is new to me as far as owning a horse myself with uveitis and watching the daily ins and outs of the disease so working on learning new methods of control and management. As for the castor oil, I read an article not long ago about treating the eyelids with castor oil, which is reported in having benefits of repairing scar tissue in the eyes. Castor oil should not be put directly into the eyes but rather on the eyelids so the benefits can soak through the skin and into the eyes. I just started this process so nothing to report on its outcome as of yet.

Taffy most likely was a “professional breeder” and had a 4 month old baby at her side when we adopted her. Kaia will be her last baby as we have no intention of breeding her at her age and due to the fact that she is unregistered and has health issues. She came to us underweight, malnourished, and had a big pot belly, bad teeth, and an atrophied top line. Over the last 7 months, she has had her teeth floated and is now eating much better, has put on weight, and has a lot more energy. She has become very golden colored and her coat has greatly improved! She and Kaia have bonded with Sandelee (who lost her “sister” of 32 years this last summer 2023 and was very despondent) and isn’t afraid to put our 3 year old, Mazie, in her place as Mazie is a very spunky young lady!

Taffy’s diet is:

Free fed in slow feed hay bags, low sugar grass hay

Some grazing time most days

2 cups Teff Pellets

2 cups Rice Bran Pellets

Iron Horse (or straight Copra Meal)

Mineral Salt

The following herbs:

Her blend from Herbal Sampling

Tummy B Calm

Too Much Mare (to help wean Kaia naturally)


Organic Apple Cider Vinegar