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Bentonite Clay Granule

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    Bentonite Clay (Sodium Bentonite)


    • Provides  minerals
    • Pulls heavy metal toxins from the body.

    NOTE: Some sites say that Bentonite Clay will rob nutrients from the body when combined into feeds. I do not believe this to be true in the more than 7 years that I have been using it. What I believe happens is an "exchange". Minerals are released while heavy metals are removed. There is no way to test this under a microscope but I believe the reason people think it "robs" nutrients from the body may happen in circumstances where there are not enough nutrients offered in the first place. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Harder hooves, shiny coats, stronger bones, and greater overall health. Eating clay/dirt is very much part of most animals diets. Not only horses in wild will find clay deposits for minerals, but so will birds, as well as other herbivores.

    CAUTION: For those in "sand colic" areas, test your horse's stool regularly! There are "self test" videos available on YouTube if you don't know how.  Heavy clay usage may or may not add to sand colic issues as there is little information available on this subject. However, some believe that using bentonite clay actually helps rather than adds to sand colic issues. In either case, testing regularly is your best option.


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