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Cough No More (POWDERED)

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    COUGH NO MORE - Powdered Blend

    This recipe aids in relieving several breathing issues. It has been shown to help with horses with heaves, dust allergies, hay allergies and congestion. It will not help with all breathing issues as there are several reasons breathing issues may occur. Reactions will vary for each horse.

    Aids senior horses with breathing issues.

    This is a very "choppy" mix as several of these herbs do not come in a powdered form.
    Aids in reducing coughs and other allergy type reactions. Add into feed dampened with oil or water. DO NOT BREATH IN DRY MIX! May cause severe coughing! Also available in our EASY FEED Formula for dry feeding.

    Please contact us through our chat box if you would like help with changes in diet that will help in reducing breathing issues.


    • Blessed Thistle (discontinued until further notice due to lack of availability)
    • Fenugreek
    • Ginger
    • Licorice
    • Mullein
    • Nettle
    • Sage
    • Cayenne
    • Thyme

    Small amount of diatomaceous earth and bentonite clay added to extend shelf life.

    One 12oz bag will last approximately a month at minimal dosage.
    Average dose is 2 tablespoons a day, but some horses may need up to 4 Tablespoons a day (2 tablespoons 2 times a day) to begin with. To help reduce allergic reactions it is helpful to detox your horse on a regular basis. For easy detoxing, try our Cootie Kicker Formula.

    Also available in EASY FEED FORMULA

    From one of our customers...

    Raving review!! Please feel free to post.

    "My 14 yr old gelding had a cough in the spring last year when I got him, and his previous owner, who had him since he was 2, said he’s had it his whole life. It happens when he rolls, lunges or is ridden. I started him on Cough No More in April, and within a week, there was ZERO coughing. After a month I took him off, the coughing started again within a week. Just ordered his second month. I’m so excited to have found a product that WORKS during the spring allergy season!!"
    Jess Alba

    Due to possible supply chain issues recipes may need to change without notice, please check ingredients thoroughly when purchasing our mixes.

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