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DOG- Cootie Kicker

DOG- Cootie Kicker


Chemical based feeds put toxins into the body, as does pain, water supplies, fertilizers, immunizations and medications. As time goes the body gets clogged up, much as a drain needing a drain cleaner. If the body does not find a way to clean itself out, then it breaks down, leading to issues such as sickness, injury, pain and arthritis. Keeping the body flushed of toxins leads to a healthier body, whether dog, horse or human.
Cootie Kickers is a recipe that combines detoxing with immune boosting. It is highly effective at flushing toxins out of the body, and repairing and boosting the immune system. It may be used in small doses for a gentle detox or larger doses for a quicker more powerful detox. Its ability to boost the immune system helps the body to heal faster, whether from sickness or injury. Because of the variety of herbs used, it is packed FULL of vitamins and minerals! At lower doses may safely be used long term as a vitamin supplement.
WARNING: Detox herbs will also flush out medications!

BASIL: Antifungal, antibacterial
BENTONITE CLAY and DIATOMACEOUS EARTH-detoxes heavy metals akso helps expell internal parasites
CLEAVERS-cleans lymphatics, purifies blood, cleanses urinary tract
DANDELION ROOT-increases bile which improves liver/kidney/gallbladder function
ECHINACEA-boosts immune response
FENUGREEK-helps flush the body and break up mucous/congestion
NETTLE-kidney and adrenal gland tonic
MILK THISTLE-flushes and heals the liver
YELLOW DOCK-improves the flow of bile and digestive juices, increasing elimination from the body
ROSEHIP-assists in cleaning bladder and kidneys, boosts immune system
YARROW-promotes secretion of digestive enzymes. This herb is very healing during times of illness!

THIS PRODUCT IS HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ON DOGS WITH ALLERGIES and is being reported to help repell fleas.


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