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    Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) has a long history of use and is part of the gourd family and is a product of China where it has been used not only as an herbal blend but as a food for centuries. 

    Our interest in Jiaogulan comes from discovering its benefits for Laminitic horses, which we put to the test on our very puzzling, chronically laminitic mini mare, Nina. Nina came to us with high toxicity levels, high stress levels, out of balance hormone levels and a the largest cresty neck I have ever seen! She did not at the time have feet issues but in the process of trying to help rebalance her body, she had a reaction in her feet. (part of this was also due to bad farrier work,, which we rectified as soon as it was discovered) That began a cycle of issues that have been very puzzling and outside the box for us in trying to heal her. After two months on the same diet with the addition of Jiaogulan you can clearly see a difference in her foot structure, thus our adding this wonderful herb to our herbal lineup. We are still working on dosing levels and other herbs that have shown to be beneficial for the laminitic horse which we will be adding to our blended product page soon.

    Some used for Jiaogulan include:

    • Improving heart health
    • Strengthening the immune system
    • Improving stamina and endurance
    • Reducing inflammation
    • Helping to manage sugar levels
    • Protecting against cancer and oxidative damage
    • Supporting digestive health
    • Supporting the laminitic horse

    DOSING SINGLE HERBS-the four herb rule

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not give dosages for using one herb alone. The reason behind this is it is far easier to overdose using a single herb, than a combination of herbs. We would need a complete health history, complete feed breakdown and even with all the information, it can still be a risk to suggest dosage on single herbs. Therefore, our solution is to recommend the dosage for a minimum "four herb" combination. As herbs work synergistically (supporting each other) it is best to use herbs in combination, rather than alone. If you are wanting to target an herb (say Milk Thistle for the liver) it is very easy to do a simple online search, like “herbs for liver” and come up with several suggestions…milk thistle, marshmallow, ginger, and burdock are a few that pop up that would combine well to enhance liver function. Once you combine these minimum four types of herbs, feed in the following manner…

    Over 1400lbs: 2-3 tablespoons mixed powdered herbs AND/OR 1/3 cup mixed chopped herbs

    900-1400lb: 1-2 tablespoons mixed POWDERED herbs AND/OR ¼ cup mixed chopped herbs

    400-900lbs: ½ to 1 tablespoon mixed powdered herbs AND/OR ¼ cup mixed chopped herbs

    Under 400lbs: 1-2 teaspoons mixed powdered herbs AND/OR 1 tablespoon mixed chopped herbs

    Start with minimal dosage. If no changes seen within 2-4 weeks, increase by half dose.

    We continuously update information on our herbs for relevant information but as information on herbs is rather endless, please conduct your own searches as new information is constantly being uploaded on the internet.

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