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Tater's Flea Tea

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    Tater's Flea Tea

    Tater's Flea spray is the work of several years of trying to find a formula with long lasting flea repelling effects. Being light colored, Tater tends to more flea bites than his dark colored brother and developed large bite wounds near his tail. Being one to hate poisonous chemical flea treatments, I made up this new formula to not only deter fleas  but help soothe and promote healing in wounds. After having success with Tater's issues, I then tested it on our cat, Cloud, who has been fighting bug bites since she joined our family 5 years ago. I have had to use flea treatments on her every spring to deal with this issue (she is a mainly outside cat) and I am very happy to announce that not only does she not have any more bite marks, but her coat is much softer and she has gained weight licking this herbal combo off of her fur as it contains many herbs that are healthy for the digestive tract. 

    About Tater's Flea Tea:

    This is a powdered product that is made into a tea with a tea bag and used in a spray bottle.

    INGREDIENTS: Rosemary, Thyme, Clove, Chamomile, Peppermint, Sage, Calendula and Lemongrass.

    Safe for puppies over 6 weeks of age and over. Safe for adult cats (has not been tested on kittens yet). Has also been used on goats, one week old and up. Also works as a fly spray but may need to be more concentrated.

    Should be used daily until residual level is built up in the fur. Needs reapplied after baths and getting wet. Can be sprayed on bug bite wounds (will sting if Apple Cider Vinegar is added to extend shelf life). Appears to have about a 1 week residual effect when sprayed on for several days to coat the fur. This residual effect is removed if you bathe them.

    Safe for cats, however, do a test patch first on the back near the tail. Our cats like it and we have seen no negative side effects but cats are much more sensitive to herbs than dogs and horses so caution is very much advised, especially since they are heavy "groomers". Start slow and watch for throwing up, diarrhea or any other negative side effects. Spray on hands and rub into fur along the back. Can be sprayed directly on cat if they dont mind the spray bottle. Has not been tested on cats with serious health issues so use cautiously.

    Adding 1 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar will extend the shelf life but can sting active sores. Can be refrigerated between uses but tea without Apple Cider Vinegar can be used for up to 2 weeks. Check regularly for moldy smell and discontinue use when mold is present. 

    Each Tablespoon of powder makes 1 cup of tea so it is easy to use, and remake when needed. Each pre-filled tea bag is 1 Tablespoon of herbal powder.  

    For fly spray, use loose powder and add 2 TBS of powder per cup of water. As this is a powdered mix, use tea bags NOT tea strainers.



    Due to possible supply chain issues recipes may need to change without notice, please check ingredients thoroughly when purchasing our mixes.

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