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Too Much Mare

Too Much Mare



Created for the mares with PMS! Grouchy, cinchy, not wanting to work are all possible signs of PMS. Unseen signs will be cramping, lack of nutrients, muscle pain and lack of focus. "Too Much Mare" helps soothe muscle pain and cramping while providing nutrients to help correct PMS issues. Though some symptoms may be alleviated short term, this product is best used long term.
For extreme PMS symptoms during hormone cycles, add No More Pain PLUS for cramping and general pain.


  • Blue Cohosh
  • Dong Quai
  • Passionflower
  • Red Clover
  • Valerian Root
  • Vitex (Chaste) Berry
  • Wild Yam

Now with added diatomaceous earth to promote shelf life and add minerals. As with all herbal based products, this mix is naturally full of a variety of vitamins and minerals!

Stop use 3 months before intending to breed. Do not use while pregnant or nursing.

One 16oz bag will last the average 1000lb horse approximately 30 days.


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