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    WORM GONE MAX-  As this is a powdered dewormer, it must be added to wet feed but can also be turned into a paste by adding water and fed in with a syringe. 

    If you do not wet down your feed, try our WORM GONE MAX EASY FEED version HERE.


    Chemical dewormers negatively affect the digestive tract leading to diarrhea, intestinal inflammation, and the inability to upload nutrients. All natural, non chemical dewormers such as our WORM GONE and WORM GONE MAX not only help remove parasites from the digestive tract but provide healthy vitamins and minerals at the same time. For more information about using natural dewormers and preventative measures, check out our article "The Problem with Parasites". Article HERE

    For heavy parasite loads, the ingredients in this product are reported to treat over 100 different internal parasites including tapeworms, pin worms, roundworms, and candida. Safe for short term use. Not recommended while pregnant or nursing.

    Ingredients: Listed are KNOWN effects on parasites.

    • Diatomaceous Earth-: Scrapes parasites from the intestinal tract
    • Anise seed: Effects pinworms and roundworms
    • Clove: Expels parasite eggs and effects candida overload
    • Horsetail: Kills parasite eggs
    • Neem: Interrupts reproductive cycle of parasites
    • Rosehip: Effects roundworms
    • Wormwood: Effects tapeworms, threadworms and roundworms
    • Black walnut: Effects tapeworms and ringworm
    • Elecampane: Effects roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and threadworms.

    *A note about black walnut: black walnut is controversial for equine use in the form of wood shavings in a stall. This is due to its inflammatory effect on the hooves that leads to laminitis (swelling in the hoof) There is no evidence that shows that using ground black walnut hulls as a dewormer will cause laminitis. I have safely used it on my own horses and dogs as well. It can safely be used up to two weeks but is best used as a rotation dewormer.   However, if your horse has a history of hoof issues such as laminitis, this deworming mix may cause excessive heat in the feet. When using, check for additional heat in the hoof wall. If this occurs discontinue use and instead use our WORM GONE (Powdered)recipe. HERE Also available in EASY FEED formula HERE.'

    Small amount of diatomaceous earth and bentonite clay added to extend shelf life. 

    One 6oz bag will cover a four day preventative dose for the average 1000lb horse at 1/4 cup per day (preventative level).  For instances of known parasites, recommend dosing twice daily for four-six days. Recommend dosing during either full or half moon when some parasites are known to reproduce then redosing after 30 days. Follow a regular deworming program (recommend minimum twice a year) as well as preventative protocols.  A healthy immune system is the best defense against parasites!
    For daily use or when a gentle dewormer is needed, use our gentler recipe Worm Gone. CLICK HERE for Worm Gone

    CLICK HERE for Worm Gone Easy Feed Version

     Follow use of our deworming products with our detoxing and immunity building formula "Cootie Kicker" HERE or Cootie Kicker Easy Feed Formula HERE, for best results. A healthy immune system is the BEST form of parasite infestation prevention.

    As this is a powdered supplement, mix into rations with water or oil, do not feed dry.

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    Max and Mara

    Need worm counts? Check out our friends at Horsemen's Lab HERE


    Due to possible supply chain issues recipes may need to change without notice, please check ingredients thoroughly when purchasing our mixes.

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