Barn Chores, Max and the "Virus"

 Mmmm barn chores. Seems like a crazy time to be worried about that, doesn’t it? I actually think it’s the perfect time to be thinking about it! I don’t know about where you live, but its been a cold, wet winter (heavy on the wet) and its been a “rush in, rush out” kinda time at the barns…both at home and where I have been keeping Cloud and Max just down the road. Well low and behold I had already given notice that I was bringing the boys home and BAM this virus stuff hits and I get them home two days before the barn suddenly goes on total lockdown! I am very thankful to God that it all came together and happened like it did…and very thankful to those that helped in my time of need and built fences for me and hauled my horses home at the last minute!

At the barn, Max and Cloud were not what we would call…chummy. The barn manager, Ellisa, tried to turn them out together and all I can say is I’m glad that Cloud is a young energetic guy and that Max is an arthritic old man! Max did get a lot of exercise that day, trying to chase Cloud down. He did “pay” for it for several days after that though…and don’t I know that feeling! Lol. Well here at home Cloud is the “any port in the storm” and Max is happy to have him for a companion, though Cloud is behind the safety of new fencing in his own run. You would think they had been buddies their entire lives as they scream for each other when I bring them in and out of their stalls to their runs. Max has all kinds of new things to panic over: shooting from the neighboring gun club, cows across the street, chickens, and the Grandkids running all over the place. He has already met chickens and the Grandkids before…but you could tell he was very much in overload! The shooting noise he was over quickly, but there is still two thirds of his pasture he hasn’t explored simply because its far too close to the cows! They seem very indifferent to his concerns. Considering he has been at the same boarding stable for most of his 26 years, I think he is doing pretty well, though that first night was definitely a concern! All is well now, however…as long as the chickens don’t get too close.

So back to the barn cleaning (today was de-cobwebbing). While I do have orders aplenty right now, I’ve been taking a bit of time here and there to clean and organize the barn. It is a complete disaster with the typical ignoring of it for the winter, and bringing home two horses and all the goodies to boot! It is simply amazing how much stuff we acquire with each horse! Fortunately, we have had some decently warmer weather, with both sun and torrential downpours so I was able to get both inside and outside chores worked on. Still lots to do so rather than looking at a potential full lockdown as a bummer, I look at it as opportunity! Having been running my own business full time for the last 6 years or so, its been a challenge to find time to really tackle things…clean and organize. Pondering the potential lockdown really made me take a look at things and how I was going to approach them. Per my typical inbuild positive attitude (though I admit to having my grumpy moments…before anyone calls me out!) I decided this was going to be a great time to do those things I haven’t had time for…cleaning, organizing, and planting! So yes, business has already slowed down some, and yes I know people that are sick and that does concern me, but there is also great potential to make some positive come out of all this.

I just want all of you to know I am praying for you. Be safe. Hug your horses. God is good.



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