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People have been forming bonds with animals since the beginning of time. Dogs to help us hunt and protect our families, cats to keep our homes free of pests, livestock to help us travel, farm, and feed us. They're a part of our family and our community and every loss deeply affects us.

As with any loss, there is tradition in memorializing our animals. A tuft of hair, a braid from their mane or tail, an old raggedy collar. Tangible objects that remind us of who they were. And there's art. Art in abundance. Art of them running, art of them playing, art of them standing against a beautiful sunset. It helps keep them alive in our hearts and brings joy where there was grief.

Art of Maizy the Mini Mare

As my oldest is an artist I requested that she memorialize Max as one of her magnet and sticker designs. I wanted him rearing up like a knight's horse, brave and majestic and wise. Her first attempt was a little too sassy for my liking - so Maizy got her own sticker design first! The second attempt was wonderful and can be seen, as well as Maizy's design, in our gift shop. We will continue adding members of our herd - and our flock - to our Gift Shop collection over time, so keep an eye out for that!

This has been such a great way to immortalize our herd in a fun, joyful way, seeing them become the art decorating our fridge, our shirts, even our coffee mugs! Our oldest agreed that we should offer you the same opportunity. We will be setting up a product and an order form (with a limited number available at one time) so that our Wild Horse extended family (you!) can have your own animals immortalized in art and designed to become stickers, magnets, coffee mugs, etc.

We want to offer two choices to you: 1) Full rights to the art that100% belongs to you to share, upload, print, reproduce, etc. however you like - or 2) partial rights: we include copies of magnets and stickers of your animal in our pricing and send when its ready, and you can keep the image for personal use, but we retain the right to reproduce the image in our own products, letting your animal become a permanent member of the Wild Horse Family.

Art of Majestic Max the Gelding

Limits: one free edit to your image (we will send progress reports and small alterations are fine but any big edits after the first one once the line art is complete will be an  extra charge).

NOTE: you must be available via text, email, or Facebook messenger to give feedback during the process, and turn around time is approximately a month for the art + 2 weeks to reach you if you request magnets or stickers however, this can vary depending on how long responses take to updates and edits and whether there are possible shipping delays due to seasonal weather, etc.

Further details on how to get your own coming soon as we need to work out a few pieces of the process but feel free to reach out to Drea at with any questions you might have! 

You can also CLICK HERE to visit our Gift Shop and see what we currently do have available!

You don't have to wait until they're gone to have art created either - celebrate the life of your herd while they're still with you and you can show them the hoodie with their picture on it! Which they definitely won't try to eat...probably!

Thank you so much for being a part of the Wild Horse Family and our hearts go out to everyone who has experienced the loss of their own four-legged, feathered, or furred family members.

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