The Importance of Body Work

While what you put in the body is very important to health, we can't discount the importance of muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments with overall health. A body that is in pain due to accidents, being out of alignment and having locked muscles will pull heavily on the immune system. Pain creates toxins. Toxins increase pain levels. If your horse is in chronic pain and it is not addressed, then the healthy foods you put in their belles will not have full effect. This is part of why detoxing is so important, but also, why having a talented bodyworker helping out your horse is so important!

Grace saw our Equine Bodyworker for the first time two weeks ago. She experienced a lot of recovery pain (from old injuries) and has been on Cootie Kicker for detoxing and building her immune system since she arrived with us on April 30….just four months ago.

So why did I wait so long to address physical issues? First, she has been worked on (through massage) by Jodi Pierce, my friend as well as one of my distributors. Grace had a very hard time being touched and as Chiropractic is much more invasive, I wanted to hold off having her be adjusted until we could gain some trust. Also, the sarcoid was in the way of many of the things I know my Chiro would want to do with her. I made the decision to have the sarcoid removed because I felt we had hit an “impasse” with her healing…so it was time.

It is amazing to see Grace blossom in the last two weeks, even despite the fact that the heat and smoke from area fires is affecting all of us.

I was just starting to see Grace shine up when the smoke and heat really hit and the shine vanished. Since being adjusted, the shine has returned even stronger than before, and she is once again putting on weight. By the time the cooler weather hits, she will be ready to start into training. For now we are just sticking with some mini ground manners sessions and continuing to build trust.


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