Baby Kaia

Baby Kaia 


Kaia is the youngest of our herd and came to us at just 4 months old (Birthdate: May 1 2023) She came to us with her mother, Taffy, and is an adorably sweet little girl who, after 7 months with us, has found her spunkiness! While Taffy is not a great “discipliner”, she does not let Kaia push her around and does not give Kaia the food bucket first! I have seen many young horses become monsters because their mothers don’t discipline them, so I’m happy to see that Taffy does not allow those kinds of shenanigans!   

As a baby, Kaia’s only apparent issues were being low on nutrients, and in need of farrier care. Her coat was very rough, and it has softened up in no time! She was also very low energy when she arrived and is now at a more natural level for a young horse. She is cautiously making friends with Mazie, but immediately bonded with Sandelee. Nina she is still not too sure about.  


She shares Taffy’s bucket, so her meals are as follows: 

Free fed in slow feed hay bags, low sugar grass hay 

Some grazing time most days 

  • 2 cups Teff Pellets 
  • 2 cups Rice Bran Pellets 
  • Iron Horse (or straight Copra Meal)  
  • Mineral Salt 
  • The following herbs: 
  • Taffy’s blend from Herbal Sampling 
  • Tummy B Calm 
  • Too Much Mare (to help wean Kaia naturally) 
  • MSM 
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 
  • Jaiogulan