Catching up with Grace and New Friends

October 27th 2018

Grace has been at a local barn for a month now, and learning new things every day! As I have no arena or round pen set up yet at our new place, I decided Grace would spend the winter at a local boarding stable to have space to learn new things. I was very skeptical about her attitude going in as she has had issues being stalled but the barn loves her and says she is a real sweety! We are still having issues picking up the back feet, but progress is being made. She now allows me to brush her back end (I still stay clear of kicking range) and touch her thighs, though I have not been brave enough to tackle the lower leg as of yet. She will also however, allow me to flick the lunge line or training stick string around her legs without moving, and I can touch all over with the stick. She is also getting very good at disengaging her shoulder and hind end when asked (IE move away when asked) and cleaning front feet has become very easy, which is good since she has some stubborn thrush issues that need treated. For thrush I have been cleaning out her feet, washing with….and I know this sounds weird, fly spray, and packing with Diatomaceous Earth. I normally use vinegar alone but my fly spray is a mix of Equiderma, vinegar, and essential oils. It not only makes an excellent fly repellent (she was overly reactive to Equiderma alone) but is naturally anti bacterial and anti fungal and helped clear up the rain rot that was on Grace’s back.

NEW FRIENDS: I seem to be a free mini magnet. While out talking to a new client about a mini (a trainer), I found out that the owner of the mini was actually interested in rehoming him. Like all my lovelies, he has issues. A very bratty attitude being the reason for his rehoming. The reason I was there was to find the reason for his brattiness. My initial conclusions are sinus issues and weak stifles. This little guy (barn name of Willy) is a cart trained gelding. His owner would take him on long cart rides up and down his when out of condition. This led to not only a bad attitude, (no doubt from pain) but a very weak back end. For me these are easy fixes. Get the back end strong and healthy, and herbs for the sinus issues. He was also being fed very meagerly and is food aggressive and malnourished. But these are all things that are fixable!

Little Cloud and Sandelee saying hi!

Im not sure what the future holds for Willy, but for  now he is with the “rehab” crew, and may spend some time teaching the grandkids about driving…but for now, he just gets to be a horse!

Little Cloud, a bit camera shy.


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