Ups and Downs of Aloe Vera

The great thing about herbs (and why I am so slow about introducing new ones) is that every time I go research the herbs and things I have already researched and used, I find new information. Today’s new discovery is about aloe vera and its use not only with ulcers but with sugar level control.

Many years ago I tried aloe with my first EPSM horse, Gideon. While he seemed to show improvement for the first month or so, his gut pain started returning. This was before I was heavily into digestive herbs and was trying different products, so the aloe was used alone. Since then my stance on aloe was that while it may help short term, it will not help long term. This is still my stance, however, now I have added information for believing that.

Aloe is considered an acid reducer…like a natural form of Prevacox or Tums. While that is good for comfort levels when ulcers or digestive inflammation are present, in the end it actually causes issues. You see, the digesting of food is based off acids. Without acids food cannot be digested properly. Taking products that lower acid levels may be good for initial healing but in the end will cause digestive issues. Digestive herbs, on the other hand, help create mucilage (a slimy coating in the digestive tract) that protects the tract from the acids and promotes digestion. When acids break down foods, the nutrients can more readily upload into the body, rather than just passing through. Ever feed a horse tons of feed and see no benefits? This is why! Its not lack of nutrients, its the lack of the body’s ability to upload those nutrients!

So if you are considering using aloe, make sure it is because there are known digestive issues and plan on using it short term only (30 days at most). Also use Aloe Gel instead of Aloe Water as you will get more benefits for the buck. Add in our Tummy B Calm ULTRA and of course make sure to go with a clean and simple diet, avoiding “complete” feeds and chemical based supplements. If you are using chemical dewormers, be aware you are causing more harm than good, and that a healthy diet and deworming herbs (like our Worm Gone Max) are a much healthier way to go!

As for aloe and sugar levels, that info will come at a later time… =D

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