Hello Cisco, Sven and Instagram!

Welcome to August! Hope you are enjoying the sunny days!

Well after much harassment, my daughter Drea actually got me to start posting on Instagram…and I gotta tell ya, I’m having a lot of fun! Our new minis (Sven age 2 and Cisco, age 20) are super cute and I’m finding lots of reasons to post videos (or “reels” as Instagram calls them) about the boys and what we are doing with them. Plus, I’ve been throwing in stuff about our dogs, chickens, goats and even the occasional grandchild.

As far as I can tell, Sven and Cisco haven’t done much in life. Sven does seem to have some training on a lunge line and will eventually be trained to cart. Cisco has some digestive issues going on and is a bit of a grump because of that but he is such a sweetheart hidden in there and I can’t wait to see him at his happiest! Currently they are in a small dry lot while I’m watching their eating and pooing habits. Cisco has a history of watery stool which already seems to be improving on his new diet but his big, bloated belly is going to take a while to decrease. I’m thrilled to see that they are both happily accepting their new diets and aren’t bothered by all the girls they are surrounded by. They also don’t seem to mind the dogs, chickens or goats that are part of our barn yard.

Their current diets as of 9/9/22 is:

Local grass hay and local orchard hay (whichever I happen to grab) LOTS! They are very deficient nutritionally so they are eating at least 4 flakes of hay a day (shared)

In the Bucket:

Teff pellets (4 cups dry measure shared)

Rice Bran pellets (about 1/4c each per meal)

Kelp (about 2 tbs a day each)

Redmond crushed rock salt

Nutritional Yeast (about 1 tbs each per meal)

Cootie Kicker

Tummy B Calm

MSM (about 1 tbs each meal)

Rotating in Sugar Down and Cushings Calm (1 tbs per meal)

Previous diet was orchard grass hay and occasional herbs if I understand correctly.

Sven has had a few lunge line sessions, which fortunately he knows a bit of but he was rather bratty and out of practice.

Cisco is too old and out of shape to do much, especially in our near 100 degree weather that we have been having recently, but he did get a bit of a chase around the garden, which we will keep up with until its cooler and he can handle more.


If you are on Instagram and are interested in learning more about Sven and Cisco, plus whatever interesting tidbits I’ll throw up there, look for us at wildhorse.products. We will be posting everything horse (and a bit more) We hope to see you there!

Cisco (Sven is cover photo)


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