New Year's Resolution

My New Year’s Resolution

It’s been a rough couple of years, hasn’t it? Between pandemics, inflation, wonky supply chain and things that have happened in our personal lives, its been a rocky few years. But it hasn’t all been bad. Our family has been blessed in many ways as well. The addition of some new horses (including our youngest addition, Kaia, who came to us at just 4 months old with her momma, Taffy), our new baby granddaughter, Gwen, Merlin (the kitten who showed up out of the blue) and a “new to us” UTV to lend some much needed help with chores around the place…has given us some bright spots in the otherwise dreary last few years. So, because of the less bright issues that have been happening, we have had to make some changes in how we operate things around here. One of those that you will no doubt miss, is storewide sales. Because of our small staff, and because it is a difficult time to grow a business (so no additions to our employees-just family) we simply cannot handle the large influx of orders that comes with having big sales. This is why, just before Christmas, we implemented a rewards program. The more you spend, the more you save! We also plan on having some rewards contests, and we will still have items put on sale (check out the YEEHAW banner with a link to calming products on sale) so hopefully it will show you how much we appreciate you, our customers, in a way that is still manageable for us. While we really don’t need “sales” to encourage you, our wonderful and loyal customers, to buy our products…we really just want to show our appreciation and understanding that its not just our personal “economies” that are having more of a challenge, but yours as well. So we hope you enjoy the rewards program, and the bits of sales and specials that we come up with throughout the year.

As to my personal New Year’s resolution. It has been quite a while since I wrote blogs (and vlogs) and I do so enjoy doing so because it’s a great way for me to share information with you, and also helps to keep our business on a personal level with our customers. So my resolution is to make sure I am putting out at least one blog (or vlog) per week to share what I have learned, and hopefully helped you as much as I can in your journey with your horses (and dogs) like I have with so many others that have helped me learn and grow. I do hope you enjoy the information we share, and that this year brings you much blessings and joy.


Owner Wild Horse Products

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  • Happy New Year! Could you please contact me on my cell phone? Where is the best place to give you my number? You spoke at our OET meeting in November and I want to visit with you more.

    Vivian Ang on

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